The Algerian  artist Abdel Halim Kebish published on his Facebook account an expressive painting entitled "Beirut's Fragments" in a gesture of solidarity with Lebanon, which is still traumatized "by the tragedy of the port explosion.
In his last work, Kebish was one of the victims, as the large painting appears at the moment of the explosion while blood is flowing from the edge of the painting to the bottom, while he is lying on the ground bleeding with his feather in hand, and his oil colors are close to him, and on his left the flag of Lebanon appears, as if it fell from the painting or from His hand.
The painting toured the communication sites for its artistic strength on the one hand, and for the feelings of solidarity that it carried, and made the artist play the role of the victim, as if he stared into a nightmare with the Lebanese.
Artist Abdel Halim Kebish was born on October 23, 1972 in Jijel. He holds a postgraduate diploma from the "Higher School of Fine Arts" in 1998 in the specialty of oil painting. He has many participations at the local, national and international levels.