Pablo Goebel Fine Arts in Abu Dhabi is honored to present some of the original paintings  of the Mexican painter “ Frida Kahlo “ . Kahlo's paintings often feature root imagery, with roots growing out of her body to tie her to the ground. This reflects in a positive sense the theme of personal growth; in a negative sense of being trapped in a particular place, time and situation; and in an ambiguous sense of how memories of the past influence the present for good and/or ill .

 Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico .

Frida Kahlo has become an icon of the people because of her unique personality and her multifaceted life. She has become a standard-bearer for women's inner strength, for a love of Mexico and its culture, and for courage in the face of adversity.

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