Get ready for the fifth edition of Art Cairo, an event that promises to be a transcendent experience like no other. Hosted at the Grand Egyptian Museum, this year's edition aims to seamlessly meld contemporary art with ancient history, serving as a cultural lighthouse in the MENA region. With over 3000 art pieces on display and a rich program of workshops, talks, and special tours, Art Cairo 2024 is set to elevate your understanding and appreciation of Arab art and heritage. This event will be held from 3 till 6 of February .

Art Cairo is building a vibrant and dynamic community of artists and art appreciators who are excited for fresh dialogue that originates regionally but is strong and true enough to reach everyone regardless of origin.

Every edition of Art Cairo is an ode to our humanity, as artists, audiences and curators. Our passion and conviction for the importance of our role has led us to a path of presenting and showcasing local contemporary and modern art to the global art scene and carve out a space for it in the discourse. Cairo sits in a crossroad of unique geographical location and rich history, making it the perfect launching point for Art Cairo, as a beacon for culture and art.

 The Focus is on promoting Contemporary Arab art and preserving Modern Arab art, especially narratives often overlooked , the Ambition is to become the annual highlight and leading fair for Arab art within the MENA region and the Vision is to Create a global platform for Arab art, fostering dialogue, and enriching cultural understanding.

Come witness the pinnacle of artistic expression and dialogue, where art meets heritage in a setting beyond compare.​