The LT gallery is pleased to invite you to a solo exibithion “ knockout” by Ryan Eid .This exibithion is held from 18 till the 28 of January .

Ryan Eid is a graduate in graphic design at the Lebanese University. He signed with The LT gallery at the age of 18 and participated in his first exhibition in 2018 which was a success as his paintings were sold out in the span of an hour.

His work gained so much attention and support from the visitors that he participated in several other exhibitions in Lebanon.

In this exhibition, Ryan Eid delves into life’s challenges, using wrestling as a metaphor for personal struggles and racing as a representation of the ongoing battle against time. The artist’s artworks are deeply rooted in memories from his childhood, reflecting on the fleeting nature of time and the importance of avoiding stagnation.

Eid’s artistic approach is spontaneous and devoid of premeditation, allowing the chaotic nature of his character to shine through his work. The childlike feel of his paintings is a deliberate choice, with vibrant colors conveying a range of emotions, irrespective of traditional associations that might typically link certain colors with specific feelings. Rooted in the backdrop of a happy childhood, Ryan's process allows him to revisit and relive those carefree moments with each stroke of the brush.