Chaouki Chamoun’s solo exhibition titled ‘Uprising Sceneries & Works on Paper’ at Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, takes place from February 22 to March 9, 2024. The show presents an exploration of colour and form through the display of 42 acrylic works on paper and a mural measuring 20 meters by 60 centimetres. The collection invites viewers to engage in a sensory dialogue that transcends conventional artistic boundaries, evoking a range of interpretations and emotions.

The exhibition showcases Chamoun’s adeptness at blending surrealism and abstraction, resulting in a fusion reminiscent of magic realism in literature. Through bold colours and abstract forms, Chamoun’s artwork embodies a sense of rebellion and freedom, echoing the sentiments of a population yearning for emancipation.

Viewers are drawn into a visual narrative that conjures images of crowds, human emotions, and unrestrained desires. The paintings resonate with a sense of movement and rhythm, akin to an orchestral performance that stimulates the senses and ignites the imagination. The intricate interplay of colours and forms evokes a cosmic landscape, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of visual exploration.

Chamoun’s artistic style, while seemingly spontaneous, is a result of careful skill and nuanced understanding. Each brushstroke carries with it a sense of depth and complexity. The exhibition offers viewers a glimpse into a realm of boundless expression. Through their dynamic interplay of colour and form, Chamoun’s paintings seek to immortalise moments of uprising.

Born in Lebanon in 1942, Chamoun is a figure in both the national and international art communities. With a career spanning decades, he has contributed to over fifty group art exhibitions and biennales since 1969, showcasing his work in public and private collections worldwide. Chamoun holds key positions as the president, consultant, and founding member of the Lebanese Artists Association, demonstrating his role in shaping the country’s artistic landscape. Additionally, he has shared his expertise through teaching roles at several universities in both the United States and Lebanon