Khawla Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the new exhibition “ Mena Art Now :Exploring tomorrow’s Visionaries” that will be held from 8 February till 10 March 2024 .

This exhibition is featuring a group of artists : Charles Khoury , Hakim El Akeel , Louma Rabah , Maher Maaoui,Ribal Molaeb , Riyad Neemah and Salam Youssry .

This exhibition emerges as a focal point , pushing beyond the conventional boundaries of contemporary art in the Middle East and North Africa , where Arab artists present diverse contemporary expressions. It accentuates evolving concepts that redefine today’s art market . This dynamic platform features established and emerging voices across various art movements , reflecting the richness of the cultural landscape in the MENA region . On the global stage , Arab artists are gaining increasing acclaim, solidifying their transformative impact on the international art scene . This thriving community leaves an indelible mark, etching its legacy in contemporary art history .

Khawla Art Gallery is a dynamic and contemporary space where art and creativity come to life , Whether you are an art aficionado or just looking to be inspired , Khawla Art Gallery is the perfect place to explore the art in you .