Featuring 18 world-renowned filmmakers, Netflix‘s newest series features a collection of short films that intend to capture life in quarantine. Titled Homemade, the anthology is centered around the phenomenon of self-isolation and doubles as a celebration of innovative filmmaking and the unrelenting power of creativity. While juxtaposed against the backdrop of an ongoing global pandemic.
Among the filmmakers included are Lebanese actress and filmmaker, Nadine Labaki and her husband and music composer, Khaled Mouzanara, whose short films Caramel and Capernaum will be debuting on the streaming platform.
Labaki and Mouzanara’s Beirut-based project will be showcased in conjunction with films by Kristen Stewart from Los Angeles, Sebastian Schipper from Berlin, David Mackenzie from Glasgow and others. 
With no budget or access to professional equipment, Labaki along with her fellow filmmakers had to explore creativity through an unprecedented lens of innovation.