The Amanda Levete-designed Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon has reopened on 10 June following coronavirus lockdown with architecture studio SO-IL's Beeline installation creating a shortcut through the building.
Now installed, the Beeline intervention allows pedestrians to walk from the MAAT's secret rear entrance on the city side to its main entrance on the waterfront, passing through the museum's main exhibition space.
New York architecture firm SO-IL has transformed the museum's interiors into a series of walkways and exhibition areas divided by fabric partitions, It is turning the museum, both conceptually and physically, into a landscape of encounters with people, ideas and conversations.
To allow the MAAT to reopen the museum has installed a series of measures to ensure that social distancing is enforced, with only 161 people allowed in the entire building at one time.
SO-IL created an auditorium at the centre of installation to host a series of public events called MAAT Mode.
These events took place online while the museum was closed, but will now happen in the custom-designed space.