Stockholm sat out the spring and fall 2020 seasons, citing sustainability as the reason, though finances were a large part of the equation too. Now the governing body has been reorganized under SFA secretary general Catarina Midby, and will launch a digital platform debuting for spring 2021, from August 26–28.
Unlike the media- and buyer-centric show system, this platform is designed to be actively consumer-facing. While many presentations will be prerecorded, there will be live events staged from a central studio, including interviews with designers, plus commentary from Simon Collins of Fashion Culture Design and Clare Press, the Wardrobe Crisis podcast presenter and Vogue Australia’s sustainability editor at large. While designers like House of Dagmar and Rave Review present their spring collections via virtual showrooms, they will also be putting a spotlight on shopping in-season merchandise. In addition, there will be talks on conscious fashion and other related activities—all in English as fashion is a global industry.