London-based designer Freyja Sewell has created eight decorative face masks, made from commonplace objects including felt, yoghurt pots and pool table triangles, in honour of coronavirus key workers.
Sewell begun her Key Workers art project in a bid to "say a visual thank you" to those who have remained working during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Each of the eight main groups of key workers outlined by the government, including health and social care, education and childcare, key public services and local and national government, has been given its own vibrant, symbolic mask design.
let's take a look on them:
Sewell's mask for public safety and national security workers features a headpiece made from a pool table triangle
The mask for people working in food and other necessary goods is made from green felt
A bright yellow paper mask was used to pay tribute to those working in education and childcare
Sewell's mask for the health and social care sector is designed to look like a superhero mask
Sewell's mask for those in utilities, communication and financial services celebrates technology
A headpiece topped with microphones makes up the mask created in honour of key public service workers like journalists
A broken plastic crate was used to make the mask that represents the local and national government
Different shades of orange felt and paper were used to create the transport workers' mask