As New Jersey begins to reopen after its coronavirus lockdown, Governor Phil Murphy said that drive-thru experiences that allow for proper social distancing will be permitted. In a press release, Six Flags stated that it would tailor its safari to fit these rules and welcome back visitors.
The Six Flags Safari Off Road Adventure operated as a self-drive-thru experience from 1974 through 2012. In 2013, it became a guided adventure, with visitors packing into trucks for tours.
When the park reopens, visitors will be able to drive their own vehicles through the 350-acre preserve and see more than 1,200 wild animals from around the world, including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, and lions.
All tickets must be purchased in advance online to prevent overcrowding. The online reservation system is not currently open, and an opening date for the drive-thru safari has not yet been announced.
The park is still developing safety rules to protect employees, guests, and the animals inside the safari.
The rest of the theme and water parks will remain closed until further notice.