Named Be a Bat Man, the mobile safety device would be for "people who are exposed to the dangerous situation during the coronavirus emergency", said Sun Dayong, who co-founded architecture studio Penda.
The shield would be made from carbon fibre supports shaped like batwings that would be worn like a backpack. A PVC film would stretch between these supports, like the membrane of a bat's wing.
Wires embedded in the plastic would heat up to a temperature high enough to kill any pathogens on them, creating a sterile environment inside for the wearer.
Sun Dayong hopes to find a backer to turn the concept into a reality, and would offer his services as a designer free of charge.
After an epidemic is contained, he thinks the bat-like shields could be upgraded with Google Glass technology, or simply be used as a "unique private mobile space for people".
The project is called Be a Bat Man, in reference to the fictional superhero who pushes the limits of human capabilities, and the fact that bats are one of the wild animals that could be the source of Covid-19 (coronavirus).
Many people have been using face masks to to try and protect themselves from coronavirus, although it is not yet certain if it is transmitted by cough droplets.