Ayyam Gallery presented a group exhibition entitled "Strata", which includes works by Asaad Arabi, Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Baik, Farzad Cohan, Mutia Murad, Tammam Azzam and Thaer Hilal.
The word "layer" comes from the Latin and means "the thing that has been laid"; A stratum is a layer, whether it is abstract like the social strata of humanity or one of several parallel physical strata arranged one above the other like cells in an organism.
What the exhibition's multimedia artworks have in common is an emphasis on layers. Each layer not only indicates important themes in each artist's work, but also highlights key techniques from each artist's practice.
The physical layers of acrylic paint, glue, sand, collage, and paper are metaphors - each layer becomes abstract, representing emotion and memories, and each color expresses a feeling and point of view. The contradictions create a more comprehensive timeline, emitting a broader picture of reality and the artist's struggles and victories. Sometimes, layers represent chronology, layers of moments and states. Just like sedimentation catalogs of the globe's past, artists sort their lives into works of art. Thaer's untitled sculptural work echoes strongly with this idea, in fact, the work is strongly influenced by the physical features of natural spaces. Abdul Karim Majdal al-Baik's work archives stories by photographing the walls of the Middle East through the years, recording layers of posters, papers, and graffiti - creating a story.
Tammam and Farzad's work highlights the idea of "Strata" through style. Both artists focus on collage in their practice, whether digital or traditional, perfectly rendering the material against a backdrop of cityscapes creates an aesthetic and functional function. Farzad and Asaad paint their figures through overlapping colors, with an emphasis on identity narratives.
The exhibition has started on 1 June, 2021 and will last till 10 September, 2021, So don't hesitate to visit.