The stunning topography of Shada Al-Asfal mountain in Baha’s Al-Makhwah governorate tells the story of a region dating back millions of years.

Nasser Al-Shadwi, a local historian, said the area’s unusual rock formations were the result of constant erosion.

He said: “The formations attract those interested in science and geology. Baha is rich in locations for scientific tourism . “The wonderful shapes formed over millions of years have given visitors and tourists the opportunity to imagine themselves travelling through the ages as the mountain was formed.

“According to a geological study, Shada mountain is about 763 million years old. It marks the beginning of creation through a long, imaginative cosmic journey over millions of years, resulting in the wonderful formations we witness today.”

Many rock surfaces are etched with Talmudic writings, inscriptions, and drawings, some up to 4,000 years old, and several caves have been turned into popular tourist attractions. The area is also well known for the cultivation of Shadwi coffee. The mountain is around 1,700 meters above sea level, and its smooth rocks give it a pale blue color.