Scientists discovered the first fossil of a dinosaur while lying on an egg nest with fossilized embryos, at least three of which were visible.
Last January, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History published a statement stating that the discovered Oviraptorosaur fossil dates back to 70 million years ago.
Scientists found the unique fossil in the southern city of Guangzhou.
According to CNN, the Ophiraptorosaurus belongs to a group of feathered, bird-like dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period.
According to the researchers, the fossil contained more than 24 eggs inside, and at least seven of them managed to preserve the bones of partial embryos inside.
According to what the scientific team published, some embryos in eggs were visible alongside the adult dinosaur's forearm, pelvis, hind limbs and tail.
"The late stage of embryo development and how close the adult dinosaur was to it strongly indicates that the latter died while incubating the nest instead of laying eggs or simply guarding the nest in the crocodile way," the team said.