Archaeologists have found ancient Egyptian instructions explaining the process of embalming the face of the deceased in medical manuscripts that are 3,500 years old.
The University of Copenhagen said that Egyptian scientists were surprised when they found a brief booklet on embalming, which is contained in a medical text mainly concerned with herbal medicines and skin swellings.
The site "CNET" in its report, that this papyrus precedes previous texts in this regard in time, and gives more details with a full description of how the faces are embalmed.
The instructions also explain how to schedule the embalming procedures over a period of four days, while the entire process takes about 70 days, to finish.
Besides valuable information on the art of mummification, the papyrus "contains the oldest known herbal study."
It is noteworthy that part of the "Louvre Carlsberg" papyrus belongs to the Louvre Museum in Paris, while the other part belongs to the University of Copenhagen. The two institutions will publish the document in 2022.