In the latest case of botched art restoration in Spain, a repaired statue adorning the facade of a historic building in the city of Palencia has been ridiculed for its cartoonish appearance.
The statue, with its misaligned eyes, which look more like lips, and Olive Oyl-inspired nose, made headlines across the country as many took to social media to mock the inept makeover.
The statue is not the first artwork to have been rendered unrecognizable by mishandled restoration attempts.
In June, a copy of a painting of the Virgin Mary by the 17th-century Baroque artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo was ruined after a private art collector asked a furniture restorer to clean it for $1,350.
In 2018, a 500-year-old statue of St George in Navarre came under fire after a restoration, which many on social media remarked left the wooden sculpture looking like the comic-book character Tintin.