Inside the ancient walls of the Palazzo Rhinoceros gallery in Rome, Italy, Saudi artist Sultan bin Fahad is staging his first solo exhibition in Europe, “Frequency,” a multisensory exploration of spirituality that runs until Dec. 10.
The Palazzo Rhinoceros is a 17th-century palace located at the center of what was once imperial Rome. It has been transformed by French architect Jean Nouvel and is now a residential arts hub and the new seat of Alda Fendi’s art foundation.
Bin Fahad’s exhibition is spread over two floors and consists of six installations, each of which is designed to resemble a spiritual journey in which both the environment and rituals evoke emotions in the individual.
The buzz of background voices, the scent of incense, perfume, and smoke, the sound of the water, flavors and gestures, all of this combines to draw you into bin Fahad’s work and envelope you in an atmosphere of sanctity and ritual and spark a connection to the divine.