The 84-year-old Moroccan artist was in the midst of enjoying the plethora of opportunity and interest that new paintings have created.
 He opened a solo exhibition of his bright graphic paintings last year at the Museum of Contemporary African Art in Minerals in Marrakech, then traveled to the Mosaic Rooms in London and is currently on display at Concrete on Serkal Street. It was captured by the Dubai Lowry Youth Gallery, who brought his work to a presentation at Cromwell Place in London earlier this month. A presentation on the Casablanca Collection, of which he was a part, was organized by the Sharjah Art Foundation and the kW Institute for Contemporary Art earlier this year.
His distinctive brilliant waves are back across the panels, in intersecting and sinuous lines of color that speak of the joy of the sun and the sea, the excitement of color and design. Like many others in 2020, Al-Melehi was infected with the Coronavirus, and was transferred to a hospital in Paris and did not recover, which led to his death.
Source: Melissa Gronlund