The Misk Arts Institute launched its first photography and digital art exhibition this week under the title “IMPRINT, Re-Imagining Identity” which will explore the concept of identity in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.
The exhibit is at the Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Fine Arts Hall in Riyadh, which opened its doors once again after undergoing restoration.
The exhibition offers a well-designed virtual tour. Virtual visitors are provided with an integrated experience, can smoothly navigate their movement around the hall sections, view all the artworks in detail, and are provided with all the necessary information about the artworks.
The pieces reflect the identity concept, representing the past, present, and future of the land, the cities, and the region’s people. They shift the gaze from the politics, oil wealth, and religion attributed to the Gulf, and offer new and personal narratives instead.
Source: Ruba Obaid