Fans of horror may be interested to learn about an immersive festival experience that is set to open in Williamsburg, Ohio. Called "Terror Town," the attraction is a 19th-century western town, complete with period buildings, spooky characters, reenactments and a haunted trail, and it aims to help visitors celebrate Halloween in a safe way.
They will encounter town folks, sheriffs and old cowboys, and can participate in interactive horror games like axe-throwing and zombie brain smash. There are approximately 25 stores in the town, including a candy shop, three restaurants and two saloons. Live bands play in the main saloon and visitors can join in with Scaryoke in the second saloon. There is also an outdoor theater that plays classic horror movies all night.
Social distancing will be facilitated as the attraction is a large, primarily outdoor venue with multiple entertainment options, and stores and saloons will have appropriate and proportional capacity caps. Hand sanitising stations will be provided throughout the venue.
Terror Town runs from 4 September to 14 November, every Friday through Saturday from 7pm to 2am. Admission ranges from $25 (€20.85) to $35 (€29.19).