With 11 years experience as an Apple senior technical specialist, Tracey Huston’s background primarily revolved around solving a multitude of challenges within the realm of the modern and digital, a background not typically associated with reengineering the age old pastime of smoking. Yet, Huston applied a similar dogged attention to detail to develop Stündenglass, a curious and captivating device delivering smooth and vaporous draws with an hourglass flip.
The Stündenglass may look complex, but its actually a fairly simple design to set up and operate. Using a pair of borosilicate glass globes screwed vertically into place onto a black anodized metal base using an aluminum hookah bowl kit or a glass bowl, users fill one globe with water before lighting up their main ingredient. The hourglass design works gravitationally, forcing vapor out and through the water into a contact-less mouthpiece via the pressurized airflow action as water transfers from one glass bowl to another.
Stündenglass hopes to appeal to users seeking a modern day means for enjoying a contact-less high with others tinged with a modicum of old world vibe.