In response to COVID-19, Libero Rutilo and Ekaterina Shchetina of Designlibero came up with a conceptual design that would enable wearers of the 'Bubble Shield' to stay safe while out and about.
The egg-shaped plastic bubble is inflated to expand, allowing it to cover its wearer's body, leaving only the lower legs exposed. In addition to protecting its wearer from contagious viruses, the bubble functions as a useful shield against air pollution. Sitting atop the bubble are a series of small solar panels, which efficiently charge the battery that's worn as a backpack. The battery can then be used to power the built-in fan coils and an air pump compressor, which purify the air within the bubble.
Wearers can enter and exit the protective Bubble Shield with an easily accessible zipper, which zips down to split the barrier in half.
Source: Riley von Niessen