Lebanese media reported the death of Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani on Monday. The late artist, born in 1938, is the younger brother of the late two brothers, Asi and Mansour Rahbani.
Elias Rahbani is a music composer, arranger, songwriter, and orchestra conductor. He composed more than 2,500 songs and songs, 2,000 of which are Arabic. He composed soundtracks for 25 films, including Egyptian films, as well as serials, and classical piano plays, the most famous of which are the music for "My Blood, My Tears, and My Smile", "My Love", "The Most Beautiful Days of My Life" and the series "The Night Player."
Rahbani, who was born in the city of Antelias in Mount Lebanon, is married to Mrs. Nina Khalil and has two sons, Ghassan and Jad, who are well-known in the field of art and the music industry in Lebanon and the Arab world.