The year 2024 is expected to witness the launch of the largest yacht in the world in terms of length and size, at a cost of about $600 million, according to CNN.
According to the network, the yacht, which will be called "Somnio" or "dream" in Latin, will be 728 feet long, equivalent to approximately 68 meters, and will consist of 6 floors, all of which will include 39 apartments, in addition to a beach club and many bars and restaurants.
The designers say the mega yacht will offer the same level of service as a 7-star hotel, along with the huge benefits of owning an apartment on a luxury ship.
However, the purchase is "by invitation or referral only", with apartment prices starting at more than $11 million, with some apartments already on sale with the owners' identity kept confidential.
Each apartment will have many features based on the wishes and requests of the buyers, with the possibility of providing a gym and library, and taking into account health concerns, especially in light of the spread of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.
The design team emphasized that "the medical care will be world-class" with an ambulance on board the yacht.