Mark Hachem Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition "Babel" by George Merheb that will be held from May 9 till May 23 .

This exhibition highlights a selection of over 20 works, a celebration of the intrinsic beauty of shapes and lines, and an invitation to embrace the poetry of silence.Georges Merheb’s calligraphy that is stripped-down from its meaning, is an artistic form, that transcends the traditional boundaries of writing.. It goes beyond mere word communication to explore the depths of aesthetics and pure expression.

When we think of calligraphy, we often imagine carefully crafted characters filled with meaning and symbolism. However, stripped-down calligraphy frees itself from this constraint. It abandons words and sentences to focus on the strokes, curves, and movements of the brush.

In this art form, letters and symbols become abstract shapes, dancing lines that sway across the page. Stripped-down calligraphy discards linguistic meaning and seeks to capture the pure essence of the calligraphic gesture. Each brushstroke is executed with delicate precision, yet also with liberated spontaneity. The artist is guided by intuition and feeling, creating compositions that evoke emotions, movements, and rhythms. Fluid lines intertwine, cross, and overlay, creating a visual dance on the surface of the paper.

Stripped-down calligraphy invites the viewer to abandon the search for literal meaning in words and delve into pure aesthetic experience. It is an invitation to feel rather than understand, letting the shapes and lines awaken emotions and sensations. In this form of expression, silence plays a significant role. The empty spaces between strokes and shapes are as important as the strokes themselves. They allow the viewer to breathe, meditate, and connect with the essence of the artwork.

Stripped-down calligraphy is a journey into abstraction and pure beauty. It is an exploration of gesture, energy, and the harmony of lines. It reminds us that communication is not confined to words but can be found in the movements of our hands, in the spaces between shapes, and in our ability to feel beyond the limitations of language. In this art form, meaning dissolves to make way for contemplation and sensory experience.