Moving Mountains’ is a solo exhibition by Saudi artist Ahaad Alamoudi that will be held from 8 May till 26 October 2024 at ATHR  Gallery .

‘Moving Mountains’ takes as its centrepiece Alamoudi’s new commission by the same name, exploring and expanding upon her interest in unpacking the rapidly changing Saudi social and cultural fabric. Bringing together new and existing work, ‘Moving Mountains’ situates Saudi’s natural and urban landscape as the site of possibility, punctured by effort and powered by fantasy, where both individual and collective attempts to do the seemingly impossible are imbued with humour and, at times, hopefulness. ‘Moving Mountains’ is Alamoudi’s first institutional solo exhibition .

Ahaad Alamoudi is a Saudi artist whose work addresses history, ethnography and representation. Her practice stems from alternating standpoints of embeddedness and exteriority, using photography, video and print installations to play with cliches, visual tropes and traditional perceptions, often in a humorous way to reinterpret historical renditions of reforming culture. Alamoudi graduated from Dar Al Hekma University with a Bachelor in Visual Communication and holds a Master in Print from the Royal College of Art. She is currently pursuing a PhD and based between Jeddah and London.