Cinematic is the best way to describe Valentino’s haute couture collection for the Fall 2020 season.The Italian label’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, took full advantage of the video format that has become part and parcel in the fashion industry to bring viewers into a realm of fantasy.
The mini film, dubbed “Of Grace and Light,” begins with a tour of Rome, Italy, where Valentino originated. Devoid of color, a camera courses through empty city streets, capturing major landmarks around Cinecittà Studios, where the show was staged. 
Models appear on the screen in a dark theater, suspended from the ceiling or standing on columns in flowing skirts and toppers, as images of flames, bouquets of flowers, and other natural elements are projected on the surface. From a larger-than-life cape made of panels of effervescent feathers over a sequined bodysuit to a gown with layers of ruffles to frocks  that feature portrait necklines, voluminous shoulders, or frilly collars, every look conveys an angelic quality—all-white collection.
Ushering audiences into a dreamscape, to be sure, is one of the hallmarks of the couture season. But with the coronavirus pandemic hindering the ability to produce the typical runway spectacles, designers have had to use other mediums to illustrate their visions. And Piccioli found the perfect outlet to do just that.
Source: Barry Samaha