Art lovers living or visiting Dubai will get the chance to catch Manu Algueró’s solo exhibition at Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on the Blue Waters Island. Titled “The Art of Explosion,” the electrifying artworks by the Spanish artist, known for paintings that express the beauty of change and new perspectives, will be on display from January 14 to March 7.
Algueró’s immense canvases draw attention thanks to an interplay of matter, color, and the Barcelona-born artist’s gesture in search of visual impact. 
also, his artworks highlight his interest in the study of the human face, which is suggested by his highly dramatic unfinished figures.
And once adulthood struck, Algueró pursued his interest and began exploring the concept of the Big Bang. While experimenting, he truly enjoyed the process of painting explosions and felt satisfied with the results. Algueró tested the use of metallic paint and fireworks before combining plastic paint with a bigger firework. Discovering this compatible combination for self-expression has allowed him to reflect his moods in his paintings.
Another inspiration behind his explosive art is the Algueró family business, which involves the demolition of buildings. While most people don’t feel destruction is a positive thing, Algueró believes one can only build something new after the old has been brought down.