One of the many nicknames for Venice is The Floating City, and a new luxury cruise ship has sourced the inspiration for the interiors of its ‘floating boutique hotel’ from the City of Water. The completely refurbished S.S. La Venezia has been decked out in traditional Venetian-inspired designs, and its classic appeal makes it look like a modern take on the Orient Express, but on water.
With plans to set sail through the Venetian Lagoon and northern Italy in March 2021, S.S. La Venezia is part of the Uniworld collection, and all of the company’s ships seek to emulate the destinations that passengers will see on their itinerary. The ship’s interiors were created by Fortuny, a design house that has been operating on the Venetian island of Giudecca since 1921. The company is renowned for its handmade fabrics, the exact creation specifications of which are still a closely guarded secret.
S.S. La Venezia has 63 cabins for a maximum of 126 passengers. Rates for the Venice & the Gems of Northern Italy itinerary start at US$2899 per person, and the experience can be booked on Uniworld’s website.