83-year old Wan-Ji Chang and his wife, 84-year old Sho-Er Hsu have been keeping themselves entertained over the last while by dressing up in clothes that have been abandoned in their laundromat in Taiwan for decades. From leather jackets and berets to tartan dungarees, their outfits have captured the attention of thousands of followers from around the world.
The idea to start posing in the forgotten clothes came from the couple’s grandson, Reef Chang. As well as being a fun project that showed off their quirky personalities and sense of humor, the family also wanted to use it to raise awareness of the number of items that are actually left behind at laundromats. 
According to Reef Chang, his grandparents didn’t take much persuading when the idea was floated to them. “They agreed at the beginning, but they thought no one would like it.” They were wrong however, with the Instagram account Want Show as young racking up over 600,000 followers in a matter of weeks, with positive messages from diverse countries pouring in, letting the family know that they have inspired people with their fun project.