Here's the story behind the abandoned skyscraper that dominates the capital city's skyline:
Construction on the Ryugyong Hotel began in Pyongyang in 1987, but halted due to economic troubles in North Korea.
The hotel reached its full height in 1992, but the inside was never completed.
To this day, it has never hosted a single guest.
Its pyramid shape dominates the Pyongyang skyline from miles away.
At the very top of the building, an eight-story cone-shaped section was supposed to feature revolving restaurants.
More external work began on the hotel in 2008 with the installation of glass panels over its entire surface.
It would cost an estimated $2 billion to finally finish the Ryugyong Hotel, according to Reuters.
In the meantime, North Korea has found other uses for the building.
It serves as a dramatic backdrop for arts troupes' performances.
It also provides a backdrop for propaganda messages made up of over 100,000 LED screens.
The building itself still doesn't have electricity, and there's no expected completion date, but there have been new signs of construction progress.
It continues to live up to its nickname, "Hotel of Doom."
Source: Talia Lakritz