Inspired by her own personal experiences and "emotional turbulences", Zhou sought to translate certain feelings into tangible products.
Her fashion collection, titled Within, comprises six looks, each representing a different stage in the process of going through and overcoming various emotional and mental challenges.
Designed to create a sense of "confinement", many of the pieces literally seal their wearer inside the garment with an outer layer of fabric.
Each look progresses onto the next, until finally "emerging" from the turmoil into a lighter state of mind, where the wearer physically breaks free from the material casing.
The first look, called Angry, features a series of spikes pointed inwards towards the wearer.
In the second Weighed-Down design, a "ghostly" human-like figure is attached to the wearer's bodysuit, hanging from one side of their body.
The third look, Wounded, Zhou wanted to create a "physical manifestation of emotional wounds", which she embodied in a nude bodysuit worn under the organza shell featuring red organza appliqués.
The fourth look represents a "sinking" feeling, which she represented using lightweight fabric to emulate the motion of slowly drifting downwards.
The fifth look, titled Numb, places a focus on hands and their ability to convey a sense of fear or stress, particularly when covering the face.
The sixth and final look, Emerging, depicts the wearer physically coming out of her fabric shell. It is the only look in the collection that shows parts of the wearer's skin other than the feet.