Bulgari House continues to pursue new worlds with all its vision, boldness and craftsmanship. At the start of the third decade of her successful "revolutionary" journey, Bulgari celebrates a new chapter in its fascinating adventure of the BZero 1 jewelry collection.
The 1 ROCK jewelry collection stands out to embody a revolutionary and creative image that is closely related to heritage, intrinsic properties, and characteristics inherent in Bulgari. It is an unrestricted "liberal" expression of independence and power, it reflects Bvlgari's original entrepreneurial personality as well as creative abilities that open up unprecedented new horizons.
The new collection "B. Zero One Rock" is inspired by the traditional narrow necklace design around the neck in a Tobogas style, decorated with pegs (headless screws) and dates back to the eighties of the last century. A distinctive symbol of distinction and self-expression.
Funky spiral wavy lines blend in the design of the original B. Zero One jewelry, inspired by the circular shape of the historic Roman Colosseum in Rome, with the design of unconventional geometric pegs in line with creative innovation designs.