The collection was created as part of the brand's ISPA philosophy, which stands for the principles of improvise, scavenge, protect and adapt. ISPA was established in 2018 to create products for everyday use in cities rather than extreme sports.
Inflate Jacket has a custom-built air bladder inside its lining that blows up the coat when temperatures change
Mesh airflow panels on the black and green bodysuit were placed according to athlete research by Nike on heat and sweat accumulation
The ISPA collection also includes pants influenced by the look and functionality of motocross sportswear and gear
ISPA Drifter take cues from traditional Japanese work boots with its spilt-toe design and intricate fastening system
ISPA Road Warrior uses prototypes of early Nike Shox cushioning and features a complex fastening system over its recycled knit shell
The Overreact FK Sandal has a bulky textured sole and uses recycled yarns from previous Nike products