The yet-to-be-named collection comprises two main looks, one with the ball-shaped backpack-style element, and another accessorised with a saggy hat.
The first look is a sailor-style mini dress designed to look like a modern take on a two-piece uniform, made from stretchy fabric.
A large beanbag is secured to the back of the garment, in the way that kids might wear their backpacks underneath their clothes as a playful gesture.
The dress can double up as a resting cushion, enabling the wearer to transport a beanbag chair around on their back.
A thin material shaped like a cape is draped over the top of the beanbag and features a colourful, circular pattern that has been printed with puff binder for a 3D effect. Kim completed the look with tiered leg warmers made from knitted mohair.
The second look was informed by a knitted vest that Kim used to wear at her school in South Korea. She has taken this element and made it into an all-in-one bodysuit, which features patterns printed on its bottom half.
Beanbag elements have been attached at the ankles of the garment in a bell-bottom style, and have also been used to make a floppy hat that resembles a mushroom. This has also been vibrantly printed in layers of yellow, pink and blue.