Khawla Art and Culture cordially invite you to “ Qajarbazi “ exibithion by “ Hooman Bayat” from November 1st till  25th, 2023 .

"Qajarbazi" is a compelling collection that challenges traditional norms and rules governing women's roles in society. It highlights the endeavor of women to redefine their identity independently, outside the confines of a male-dominated world. Hooman Bayat's work in this collection is a tribute to the rich heritage of Iranian art, skillfully transforming and reinvigorating Qajar-era artworks. With a fresh take on techniques, forms, and colors, he draws attention to the often overlooked influence of women on social change. The title "Qajarbazi" playfully references the art of the Qajar period while creatively experimenting with its key elements.

Hooman Bayat, a distinguished visual artist based in Tehran, has dedicated the past two decades to a wide range of artistic series, including "Children," "Pickpockets," "Still Life of Living Brands," and now, "Qajar Play." His works have graced solo and collective exhibitions, including Tehran's Auction, earning praise from art critics and collectors. Hooman's creativity is the driving force behind his art, allowing him to explore diverse themes and techniques while maintaining a distinctive and critical perspective on his subjects. His artwork uniquely blends visual forms, letters, words, traditional Iranian motifs, and his signature dotted lines, creating a captivating and decorative dimension.

We believe "Qajarbazi" will offer a thought-provoking artistic experience that challenges conventions and encourages dialogue. Hooman Bayat's work is a testament to the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change.