Studio Nada Debs is proud to announce its latest creation, the Mandala Cabinet, a testament to the fusion of art and craftsmanship. This piece has been meticulously crafted as part of the Creative Liaisons project, a collaborative endeavor initiated by LIFE in partnership with Almaz Collectible Design and The Ready Hand. This unique piece embodies the spirit of collaboration, celebrating the intersection of creativity and expertise that defines the Creative Liaisons project.

The Crafted Mandala is Nada's esoteric way to interconnect the region’s diverse artistic expressions and transform them into something universal yet tangible. She weaves together the intricate threads of Lebanese craftsmanship, using tradition and modernity in a captivating tapestry of creativity.

Inspired by ancestral practices, Crafted Mandala is the result of Nada’s collaboration with various artisans from all around Lebanon, each specialized in their respective metier. The challenge was to channel the traditional skills they have been mastering for years, into a contemporary piece of furniture. Among the craft techniques used are cane embroidery, mother of pearl inlay, wood carving, tin in lay, and colorful wooden veneer inlay.

'The beauty of Mandalas lies in starting from the center and progressively adding layers, incorporating random patterns. This provided the perfect opportunity for our craftsmen to experiment and showcase their skills.'

                                                                                                                                                                - Nada Debs