In conjunction with the spring 2024 shows, Gianvito Rossi presented her new collection inspired by the distinctive duality that combines the concepts of strength with soft feminine touches. The collection includes two exceptional and elegant pieces, one of which is decorated with a bold and charming design, while the other shines with a luxurious and elaborate design .

The collection draws its inspiration from antiquity and the glamor of the Roman Empire, which inspired the imagination of designers, to create distinctive creations decorated with touches of silver, gold and exquisite fine details.

The collection features a thin, pointed high-heeled sandal in a shiny metallic color, a reference to the ornate leather bracelets that were popular in ancient Rome, giving women a soft, feminine look full of strength .

The brand draws its inspiration in designing the new collection from golden laurel crowns, which symbolize victory and pride. It offers a collection of flat sandals with a design that wraps around the leg with a distinctive appeal, in addition to sandal designs that point to the front with soft feminine details. The brand also offers open-back sandal designs without a heel, made of leather in a distinctive metallic color and decorated with a three-dimensional flower, which gives an attractive look.

The collection is characterized by its timeless designs, including sturdy sandals inspired by Roman warrior boots and chunky high heels, all decorated with an oversized round buckle, providing the perfect balance between feminine touches and concepts of strength .

The second section of the collection embodies the idea of ​​charming and elegant simplicity, and includes comfortable designs of flat shoes decorated with harmonious colored and polished buckles, in addition to lightweight low-heeled shoes equipped with an elastic leather band, to give those who love elegance a practical and elegant look.

The colors of the shoes are varied and include neutral shades such as brown, parylene, cream brown, light pink, dark green, light blue, and colors derived from the freesia flower, ensuring brilliance with classic, eye-catching designs .

Gianvito Rossi also presents, within its new collection for women, an innovative formulation of the feminine aspects through which it explores the meanings of elegance, attractiveness and sophistication from a different perspective.

Gianvito Rossi was founded in 2006. At its core, the brand focuses on designing high-quality products in a simple, modern style. The luxury brand has succeeded in establishing its position as one of the most prominent leading brands in the accessories sector on the global level. Gianvito Rossi combines high Italian craftsmanship with the highest values ​​of creativity to create distinctive designs that combine elegant, feminine, attractive and modern details. The brand is keen to design classic pieces in a renewed style according to well-studied standards and long-lasting modern designs to contribute to empowering and enhancing women.