Khawla Art and Culture is  delighted to invite you to an exciting solo exhibition titled "The Stranger's Tales in Zayed Cities" by Ibrahim Hamid .The exhibition will run from September 11 until September 28, 2023.

Ibrahim Hamid is a Syrian artist, based in the United Arab Emirates. He Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in the year 1986 and is a Member of several artistic unions such as The Union of Fine Artists in Damascus, The Union of Arab Artists and The Fine Arts Association in Sharjah.

This exhibition is the result of observations and interactions with what Ibrahim Hamid has seen and felt during his stay in the United Arab Emirates. With each painting, Hamid conveys a touching story and his feelings in the UAE, a story that he recorded with passion and love. We can see Hamid's attempt to capture the magnificent scenery, daily observations, and the reading of people's faces and their passion for complete beauty in nature and places, as well as their elegant Emirati demeanor in everything.

"I painted the cities as I imagined them, with impressions of an artist who loved them. I painted all the heroes of my works, the women who are the mothers of men, and the mother of this good land. At times, she is the bride, and at times, she is the mother, and at times, she is the princess... the princess of the land. I portrayed her conversing with the falcon, surrounded by the grace of beauty."