With the fall and winter seasons of 23-24 approaching, we reveal to you the new Omani designer Amal Al-Raisi, which looks more like an ode to the beautiful relations that Oman has built over the years with its neighboring countries. Having a strong maritime history, Oman opened the doors to maritime trade for Oman which led to the establishment of links with the rest of the world.

Centuries ago, trade helped establish relations between civilizations, and it also gave an opportunity to understand and exchange knowledge between peoples. For Oman, its strength and maritime history provided the opportunity for Omanis to share Omani culture and heritage outside Omani borders, not only that, but the Omani had the opportunity to learn about different civilizations.

Oman has always had close ties with neighboring countries.. In 2022 when designer Amal Al Raisi had the opportunity to present a collection in Qatar during the World Cup, she decided to go back to where it all began with both countries.

Although the show was in November 2022, Amal did not want her story about Oman and Qatar to end there because it deserves to be told to the whole world. Therefore, she decided to dedicate her "AW23" collection to telling the story of the two countries, Oman and the State of Qatar, in which she sees a story of love, trust, respect and purity.

In early times, the trade center of Al Zubarah in Qatar made it possible to build trade relations with Oman, India and other civilizations. Commercial relations between Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman date back to the eighteenth century, when many goods such as dates, spices and minerals were exchanged and transported through the ports. During this time both countries have shared their rich culture and heritage with each other.

Therefore, the fall-winter 2023 collection embodies timeless elegance through streamlined designs and feminine details inspired by the charming sand dunes, sabkhas and pearls of Qatar.. in addition to the vast Omani desert and majestic mountains.

In this new collection, the ethereal palette nods to the champagne-coloured dunes, amber-hued forts, ancient pink salt flats and gray limestones of Qatar. Delicate sequins and beads are hand-embroidered on soft, shimmering tulle and chiffon, while silhouettes feature elegant layers, soft ruffles, sheer panels and flowing cuts.

The delicate and intricate embroidery found in the collections indicates the value of the relationship between Oman and Qatar. Neutral colors and soft, sheer fabrics embody the respect and trust the two nations have for one another. This collection is a true representation of the luxurious heritage of both countries.