Last night, Khawla for Art and Culture, Dubai, opened the Calligraphy Festival, which runs from May 4 until the end of the month.

This festival aims to revive and harness the long-lost art of Arabic calligraphy and stimulate the community of artists and art lovers around it, encouraging professional artists to create, through enchanting works of art.

In this festival, wonderful works of art by a large number of Arab calligraphers are displayed, who use Arabic calligraphy to create a wonderful painting that dazzles the eyes. Among the most important artists participating in the exhibition are: Thaman Al-Zahwi, Khaled Shaheen, Ahmed Al-Mahri, Sandra Hebri, Fadi Al-Awaid

Perhaps no language has this much harmony between the spirit, the word and the line, as happened in the Arabic language, and it is a strange consistency in the shadow of one body.

Khawla for Art and Culture invites everyone to visit the festival, which constitutes a milestone in the history of Arabic calligraphy.