Saudi jeweler Hanan Al-Balawi turned her father’s hobby of collecting stones into a business to give travelers the chance to carry part of AlUla with them wherever they go.“My father has been collecting natural stones for a long time, he used to polish some of them and keep them for himself,” said the a 24-year-old owner of Peerless from AlUla.

“I lost the pearl of my favorite ring once and I was so upset, and my father said that he will find an alternative for it, a few hours later he brought the ring with a polished stone on it instead.”

Peerless offers modern jewelry designed and made of pure silver and gold-plated silver, as well as precious stones that Al-Balawi collects from the AlUla desert during trips with her father and sister.

“Every stone I put in our jewelry is connected with a beautiful memory from our stone-collecting trips since I was six years old,” she said.

AlUla’s desert is characterized by many interesting types of stone due to its rocky nature, including the finest types of agate, amazonite, jasper, quartz, amethyst, and howlite, among others.

Al-Balawi works in the family workshop, where they all cut and shape stones and craft unique pieces of jewelry. “Sometimes one stone can make two completely different pieces, and that is where all the natural fascination can be found.”

Peerless also provides the possibility of transforming visitors’ favorite stones into unique jewelry so that they can wear a piece inspired by their love for AlUla and its history. “We try very hard to produce visitors’ pieces quickly to ensure that they take a piece of precious AlUla with them around the world.”

The brand also offers stone slices on metal or acrylic stands and rosaries.