An Algerian writer achieved record sales of a book she published, and the sales of the novel by writer Sarah Ravens, titled “The Hostage”, exceeded all expectations, so that its sales have exceeded, to date, more than 3.5 million euros, surpassing the book “Spear - Reserve” by Prince Harry, The number of readings for the first part of the novel in French exceeded 9 million readings on the “WattPad” platform dedicated to publishing books, while the second part achieved 8 million readings.

This resounding success of the novel "The Hostage", with its first and second parts, made French publishing houses race to print the novel even though it is freely available on the Internet. However, this did not prevent the paper version of the novel from continuing to achieve amazing numbers, as 350,000 copies of the first part were sold, and more than a million copies of the second part were printed at the end of last January. It was translated into 9 languages, surpassing the sales of the book “Spear (Reserve) by Prince Harry.”

The hostage tells a black love story between the young woman "Ela", who fell hostage to a dangerous criminal gang named Scott, and a young man named Asher.

The Algerian novelist published 3 novels in the French language, all of which topped the list of best-selling books and e-book selling sites in France, until the French press dubbed her "The Phenomenon".

The Algerian novelist made the event thanks to her books, which achieved great numbers in the number of readings on the Internet and the number of sales in French bookstores, as she became in a very short time among the most read Algerian writers in history.