Remember last season, how popular the mini skirt was? This season, the trends of the fashion world changed, and the denim maxi skirt appeared to the fore, gaining the admiration and support of many international fashionistas, in the Arab world, and fashion experts as well.

Of course, after we saw this skirt on the fashion runways, we became more sure that it is one of the necessary options for you in the summer and in Ramadan looks, especially if you tend to have a conservative style. It will be ideal for shopping trips or home suhoor sessions with family or friends.

One of the most beautiful and popular options is to adopt a complete denim look, denim shirt with a denim skirt, provided that you add a colored belt on your waist to break the pattern with sports shoes, sandals, or whatever you like.

Have you thought of coordinating it with gilets? Even if you wear a hijab, we invite you, for example, to coordinate a denim gilet with a long-sleeved top with this maxi skirt. A beautiful and successful view of the Ramadan iftar or suhoor.

As for those who tend to sport a sporty style in Ramadan in particular, the skirt can be coordinated with loose jackets and sports shoes.