Amato’s show celebrated 25 years of continuous renowned creations. Carefully selected powerful designs from the brand’s conception till this day were showcased. Perfect evidence of why Amato broke glass ceilings and was always described as intriguing, inspiring and creative. The genius designs were designed for a strong person comfortable in their own skin and is after breaking status quos to follow their dreams. The fabrics, lavish materials, and rare embellishment techniques is what makes this Dubai- based label a global one. The show is a beautiful portray of evolving glam and success.

Amato Couture was born when award-winning Filipino designer Furne One happened to meet a Pakistani textile boutique owner, Rashid Ali, in a Dubai that was just starting to become the cosmopolitan it is today. Ali has always had a passion for rare textiles, a love that allowed him to come into contact with the biggest designers and fashionistas in Dubai. Combining this knowledge of what people in the region really wanted with Furne One’s creative genius, the two were able to create a design house loved in the region and beyond.

Amato women are never afraid of the dictates of fashion. She clearly knows herself and will never doubt her choices. Brave, bold, yet benevolent. She is someone who will stand out in a crowd with utmost pride and dignity. She is playful yet passionate. She is feminine yet dominant. She is provocative yet inspiring.