UNESCO included the "Rashid Karami International Exhibition" in Tripoli on the World Heritage List. In this context, Prime Minister Najib Mikati issued the following statement: "We have been informed by the Head of the Permanent Mission of Lebanon to UNESCO, Mrs. Sahar Baasiri, that the World Heritage Committee convening in its special session has taken a decision to include the Rashid Karami International Exhibition in Tripoli on the World Heritage List, as well as on the World Heritage List. The endangered heritage, given its declining status.

What has been achieved is a qualitative achievement for Lebanon and for all Lebanese, primarily for the city of Tripoli, on whose land we are proud of the presence of this architectural masterpiece. The decision is also an acknowledgment that the exhibition, which was designed by the international Brazilian engineer Oscar Niemeyer in the sixties of the last century and whose construction ended with the outbreak of war in 1975, is considered a unique architectural masterpiece in our Arab world with its modern design and the beauty of its facility. Lebanon wanted that day to be an expression of the importance of Balanced development and a message of modernity and openness to the world.

As we add today a sixth site to the Lebanese sites registered in the UNESCO World Heritage, we hope that the exhibition will receive the international attention it deserves and the continued sponsorship and support of UNESCO, which contributes to its restoration, preservation and restoration to its splendor so that it regains its desired role in Tripoli and Lebanon.

Mia Richa