Released 30 years after the Air Max 90 was first launched in 1990, the Air Max 2090 is a simplified and refined version of the previous trainer. According to its designer, it demonstrates how sneaker design is evolving at Nike.
Air Max senior creative director Dylan Raaschfor said the product shows the way footwear has evolved in the past 30 years and what makes him the shoe of the future is that it is an example of how we see the future evolving," explained Raaschfor. 
"The Air Max 90 was the starting point for the 2090, which was inspired by Italian sports cars at the time, but because of the limited materials and manufacturing methods the shoe was built like a tank; which was perfect for the drum and bass and rave scenes that were happening at the time," he continued.
"We pulled up on that initial inspiration and really went back to the idea of speed, and light weight structure while still making sure the shoe was durable."
Nike has designed the Air Max 2090 to be as comfortable as possible, with the air of creating the substation of walking on air.
"The Air Max 2090 has 200 per cent more air than the Air Max 90, which helps us get ever closer to our ultimate goal of creating the sensation of walking on air,"said Raaschfor
The shoe was released in a colour way that highlights each of trainer's elements different functions and nods towards the future of car design.
In the design the most supportive materials are opaque, while the lights materials are see-through. The front and rear of the trainer are designed to invoke headlights and taillights on electric cars.
Nike believes that as sportswear technology is rapidly evolving trainers in 30 years time will be dramatically different from today's shoes.
Source: Tom Ravenscroft