The name of the Hashimi brand for an Emirati woman was associated with classic designs that do not miss the modern and feminine touch, but in the Spring and Summer 2023 collection, the source of inspiration was different, but the result was more than elegant with clean cuts and details that will give everyone who chooses them a very remarkable distinction.

The Emirati designer, Fatima Al Hashemi, was inspired by the art of zellij, which is an ancient art of mosaic tiles made of geometric shapes, to be considered one of the most important characteristics of Moroccan architecture.

In turn, the designer used this zellige art in traditional techniques to create intricate embroidery patterns in metallic beads, threads, and sequins. She wanted to elevate the aura of each design. Blending the contrast between East and West, the collection unveils the modern styles of A-line dresses, shirt dresses, suits, loose-fitting coats and of course the abayas for which she is famous.

From the captivating essence of these meticulously and devotionally installed pieces in the Moroccan mosaic, Fatima Al Hashemi succeeded in integrating them with the aesthetics of the new collection for summer 2023, by adopting a palette of bright colors such as pink, blue and green, as well as gray and white. As for the choice of fabrics, luxury was reflected in satin, silk and taffeta

However, what we cannot but talk about is that fluidity in the design: the greatest focus in the work on embroideries and doubt at the neck or sleeve area, with the overwhelming simplicity in most of the pieces that I defined with great softness at the waist area and nothing more than that.