The Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority of the Saudi Ministry of Culture announced its readiness to organize the Eastern Province Book Fair 2023 from March 2 to March 11, as the first book fair to be held in the Eastern Province under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture.

The exhibition targets a large presence of local and international publishing houses, and includes a qualitative and specialized cultural program, as well as a group of cultural events for children, according to the Authority’s Twitter account. The authority opened the door for registration for publishing houses wishing to participate in the exhibition, calling on local and international publishing houses to submit their applications through the website.

The Eastern Province Book Fair 2023 is part of an expanded plan for Saudi book fairs, which was previously announced by the Chairman of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority, Muhammad Hassan Alwan, and contains 4 annual exhibitions distributed in 4 regions in the Kingdom, They are Riyadh, the Eastern Province, Jeddah and Medina, in an effort to reach the largest possible segment, to promote reading, and to support the access of local, regional and international publishing houses to the local audience.

Last year witnessed the organization of 3 exhibitions, starting with the Madinah Book Fair in June, then the Riyadh International Book Fair at the end of September, and finally the Jeddah Book Fair in December.

The exhibition represents a cultural window that includes local and international literature, publishing and translation makers, and those interested in the book industry, in addition to the cultural program and its accompanying cultural events and activities, including lectures, workshops, and seminars in which elite experts and intellectuals participate, poetry evenings, and a children’s corner.

Mia Richa